1. @Henners270591 He does kinda have a point though…no Wasim akram,malcolm marshall,dennis lillee,thommo or kapil dev..and i am english:)

  2. The only all rounder in the modern era that compares to Flintoff is Shakib… Even though they both have different styles 😛

  3. @videoonline72 Cricket’s only boring now because you’re not dominating it anymore. I’m English and I think cricket’s just spiffing at the moment!

  4. @videoonline72 I miss Derek Randall. The true entertainer…, we need someone like that, but cricket has got strict. Pieterson gets grief for trying to be different. Blame everyone, there is no winning ….i.e spirit of the game.

  5. the one and only……….. a very exceptional talent, pity that we do not see him playing any more. well good luck to you brov, where ever you are

  6. @mymentor Well Watson is a better batsmen. But flintoff is the better bowler. (England fan here)

  7. i am from west indies and i dont care what anyone say i respect andrew flintoff for all that he has done

  8. @videoonline72 its becos now they all have to be squeaky clean, media savvy conditioned athletes who dare not put a foot wrong by sipping a beer, where Freddie gets maggo during the world cup and has to be pulled out of the Carribean Sea!

  9. @videoonline72 Bring back Freddie and Warne! Wouldbe great to see all the old crew in a Vets game!

  10. Freddie is a great player and true legend….but the 1st two balls were absolutely shitty and were played horribly by the batsman….3 rd ball and wicket was good

  11. He wasn’t the best batsman or bowler but he always gave his all and would command a respect like no other cricketer. For example, 2005/2009 Ashes.

  12. @shayk47 Yeah – Shane Watson, the minnow killer.

    Get back to me when he performs against a proper team.

    I’ll give it to him – Watson is a greatly improved cricketer, and is a better bat than Flintoff. But with the ball there’s absolutely no comparison.

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