13 Replies to “Andrew Flintoff or Sir Ian Botham? | Who’s The Greatest”

  1. Has to be Botham. However, he did play a little longer than he perhaps
    should have done whereas Freddie did pack in at the right time in my

  2. Both the Same. If Flintoff looked after his body the first time it would
    have been a lot closer. But for me since I watched him play a lot more than
    Botham. I’ll have to go for Flintoff.

  3. Flintoff had maybe 1 or 2 truly great series that’s it. A fine player but
    hardly comparable overall to Botham.

  4. I love Freddie, he was brilliant in the 04-05 season, But it has Got to be
    Botham! Freddie single handedly turned the matches, Beefy single handedly
    won them!

  5. Freddie at his peak was the better bowler..Unfortunately,that peak was too
    short and what matters here is their accomplishments overall

  6. Sir Ian Botham was perhaps The Best All Rounder Ever! Though Cricket is a
    Team Game,he alone was responsible for England Winning many a Game!
    Flintoff was also great,but only in small patches.

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