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  1. is it weird that im Australian and im enjoying the aussie team not being so dominant anymore, can finally get some passion and excitement back instead of going through the process of a game of cricket and Australia inevitably winning, the rivalries and the Ashes have sprung back to life over the last couple of years

  2. @FlapJack2206 what ponting said was spot on you hater.. flintoff was a shadow of his great self in 07 due to lack of fitness..

  3. I think Flintoff didnt live up to his potential…..he did rise up to da big occasions evry now and thn…..but a player of his capacity cud hv got a lot more hundreds and a lot more five-fors….I admired him for his absolute passion for the game…..and tat he gave his 100% evn if he was half fit

  4. lol everyone gives him respectful and flattering comments except for the whiny miserable sod Ponting… why your chirping now mate not getting any runs???

  5. @G00n3r4Life I love a bit of sledging. Most of it is banter anyway. It’s part of the game.

    Mark Waugh: Mate, what are you doing out here, there’s no way you’re good enough to play for England”
    Jimmy Ormond: “Maybe not, but at least i’m the best player in my family”

    Great line.

  6. england and australia. we will follow each other into battle, but give us a ball in any sport and it is on!

    long live australia, long live england.

  7. @haynesmachine Yeah, WE do it with class, over a Pimms and lemonade with ice and a slice.

  8. Brett Lee an australian actually said sportsmanship is what crickets all about, when all the australians do is sledge. Non stop sledging.

  9. @LondonCanary – you are English? – show some reverence for Her Majesty. The reference “she’s you queen” should read “She’s…………
    She has earned a capital S.

    An uneducated monarchist Aussie.

  10. @maurice2002 You’re clearly a bit simple putting Sellers and Churchill together in such as way, but just be careful with your remarks; just because you’re sat behind a computer wherever, doesn’t make you invisible.

  11. yeah on fellas, aussies and the english are dead competitive but it’s a great competitiveness steeped with history and tradition. we’re cousins really!

  12. @LondonCanary yep you’re absolutely right, it’s all good fun. At the end of the day the two countries have stood shoulder to shoulder when it really matters, and two world wars and a bunch of conflicts since matter a hell of a lot more than any game of cricket.

  13. I am Indian and I love watching Ashes. My fav. cricket series is Ashes and Ind vs Pak.

    I like intensity, emotions and pressure cricket. Though Indian team ain’t that good under pressure. LOL

  14. @LondonCanary no you grow up son. Your nations character is summed up as mentally soft. A player like Trescothick always on the verge of mental breakdown sums it up. Look at Peter Sellers, Winston Churchill, its scary how your most well known and reverred individuals were crack pots.

  15. @Benfleet1984 ‘these days’ haha you mean finally your doing o.k at a couple of things.. we like to dominate sports for long periods of time, remaining undefeated for years etc. but you guys will win one match in 10 years and always think its a turning point hahahaha always funny… you only have 3 times our population so here here to the pommys, at least all your gay singing is slightly less painfull when you actually win something…

  16. @haynesmachine Really? We own your arses in most sports these days. We have the ashes, we stuffed you in the world 20 20 the other day, we finshed higher than you in the Olympics, have beaten you in the past 3 Rugby world cups and are far superior in the football department… Not to mention that we have a Heavy weight world champ in David Haye. What have your sportsman done of late? Before you bang on about Rugby League, NO ONE other than your selves care about it.

  17. @wogbasha Yep and those days are well and truly over, see the recent 20 20 world cup as evidence of this. Australia’s domination over the English has come to an end in all sports apart from maybe Rugby League which no one really cares about.

  18. Well I am an indian and think that it is a great rivalry in ashes …

    not like out india pakistan bad blood rivalry …

    good for cricket

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