5 Replies to “Ian Botham – ESPN Legends Of Cricket No. 11 (Part 2)”

  1. @MrMomo3672 How do you determine “better”,Botham took more test wickets,scored more test runs and caught more catches…Wasim Akram took more test wickets than either..i am English,my favourite will always be Botham-but i respect all the great players.

  2. never a legend!!!!!!!!! shit!!! product of british sports media boosted this guy 4 no reason…should never made it in the top 25 of all time…disrespect to all the talented serious professional cricket players…

  3. the two great all rounders of that era were imran khan and botham…rest were flukes…i hate it when people say botham better than imran..imran was always better than botham

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