25 Replies to “Shane Warne: ‘That Ball’ to Strauss – Ashes 2005”

  1. does he say “…so you could say that that ball turned 2 feet… and it
    does take some swag” in the end

  2. That wicket took my breath away back in 2005, it wasn’t just the ball but
    also the field placing before then that did for Strauss.

  3. I heard Warne bowled the ball of the century sometime in the early 90s ( I
    was too young to watch it then as a toddler)….

    I would say that ball was the ball of the 20th century

    and this one is the ball of the 21st Century…

    So Warne Sir has bowled 2 bowls for 2 centuries 🙂
    He is a legend :)

  4. Taking the context out, this is a far better ball than the “ball of the
    century”, in my opinion. 

  5. I was there that day and I still don’t believe it! Warne – a wonderful
    player and a joy to watch – no matter who you support!

  6. And there you go, I though Dizzy was retired in 2005, but there he is. He
    apparently didn’t retire until 2006.

  7. For my money, this is an even better delivery than the “ball of the
    century”. I remember watching on tv at the time, and just thinking, there’s
    nothing anyone could do about that. That’s why Warne was was one of the
    greatest of all time.

  8. great video mate i’ve seen this in highlights but its great to see the
    balls before a wicket so you can see the planning involved

  9. You’re bloody right. I reckon Warnie’ would still top Nathan Lyon even
    today …

  10. I just like the look on Strauss’ face as he walks away: “Did that ball just
    take a 75 degree left turn when it bounced? What the hell was THAT?” xD

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