5 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2009 – Series 7 Week 3 – Phil Tufnell’s Quickstep – BBC One”

  1. Tuffers for me to do well even though he will not win,(I wish he could but
    he wont)He is a good happy person and he makes me laugh Glad to see him on
    the show with a nice partner thanks for posting..

  2. He’s just so cute and happy. I love watching him. Technically maybe he’s
    not perfect but he’s a joy to watch

  3. i absolutely love these 2 katya is my fave pro i relly want then to win,
    great partnership these 2 lk good 2gether xx 🙂

  4. phil and kartya r my fav’s i want him to win who would of though darren
    gough would of won TEAM TOPKAT

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