Stuart Broad comments on Day and Night Test Matches

Stuart Broad reckons that the hardest bit of day night test matches is the time when the natural light starts fading and the artificial light takes over.

When there is the complete influence of sunlight, seeing the ball is not that much of a problem and it’s the same when the artificial lights comes to their full effect as well, but, it’s the period in between which poses the real challenge.

Broad believes that during that in between period, it’s the responsibility of the batsman who has got himself set to ensure that he remains at the crease because if a dismissal happens at that time and a new man walks in, he may find himself all at sea and that may let the opposition break open the door and get into your batting and that may change the complexion of the game.

Also in the opinion of Broad, due to the fact that the Caribbean guys already have one day night test under their belt and they did play in a day night tour game as well recently, they are probably better equipped coming into this fixture. They have an idea of how it’s going to be like unlike England which has not had any taste of that kind of Cricket at all.

Broad says that he has interacted with a few domestic players who have not given him a good feedback about the quality of the pink ball. According to them, the pink ball does not remain hard for that long and the seam goes inside very, very quickly which makes a fast bowlers’ job very, very difficult.

And from the spinners’ point of view as well, it’s not that great as it does not offer that much of spin once it loses its hardness.