Legendary England cricketer and one of the greatest players ever to play the game of cricket, Sir Ian Botham is of the opinion that Test cricket was, is and will forever remain as the flagship of international and he further added that the future of Test cricket is not as bleak as many people tend to make one believe. But the former all round cricketer is of the opinion that all Test series, particularly between the strong nations should be full-fledged long series instead of the two or three Test match series that seems to be happening at the moment.

He strongly believes that the bilateral series that take place every year will not do anything good for the improvement of the game and there should be a long Test series that will ensure that there will be a gap before the two opposing teams meet again and according to Sir Ian Botham, this will increase the rivalry and competitiveness of the game. He further added that Twenty 20 cricket will not do anything good for the improvement of the game as a whole because all good players of the format come from Tests and not the other way round.

According to Botham, Twenty 20 cricket is pure entertainment but it is not the real deal. In fact, it is just the icing around the cake that is Test cricket. He further went on to add that any young cricketer would still say that his dream is to earn a Test cap for his country, making his debut at Lord’s and things like that and this is what gives hope to Sir Ian Botham that Test cricket is not dying and it still remains and will always remain as the flagship format of the game that is so loved all around the world.