24 Replies to “The Ashes 2009 – Official Song by Phil Tufnell & The Wooden Urns!!”

  1. @voiceofreason40 If you look they use the England flag as the face paints
    and on the blow up hammers. Plus, the British flag does have something to
    do with Wales as they’re part of Britain. I’m guessing they used the big
    British flag on the wall for that bit about the Queen as she is the Queen
    of Britain, not just England, so in fact it makes more sense.

  2. WTF is the British flag doing there? There is no blue in the English flag.
    Home rule for England

  3. Yes we do when we play you face to face in any sport and smash you most of
    the time. Bloody Poms just a bunch of lager louts at the cricket singing
    mindless songs!! Is was more like send in the next Aussie and get smashed
    for another 100!

  4. Funny song, not the best i ever heard though. England iam with you all the
    way, cmon you beautys!!

  5. The saddest part of this video is that these ENGLISH cricket supporters are
    flying the BRITISH flag(represents Scotland, Wales, Northern ireland and
    England) Poor English don’t know what their own flag looks like.

  6. That’s the worst song ever. It mirrors Tufnel’s cricket career. Bloody

  7. Why the hell are Aussies saying stuff about the English when it’s a fun
    video saying nothing nasty about the Aussies.

  8. The Union Flag will be in there because it is the English and Welsh Cricket

  9. Why the hell are they using the British flag??? It isn’t the British
    cricket team, it is England! Don’t they know what the England flag looks
    like? Strictly speaking England is governed by the English and Welsh
    Cricket Board (you get the odd Welsh player) so it would be ok if there
    were English and Welsh flags… but the British one doesn’t have anything
    to do with Wales and it’s NOT English! English fans know what the flag
    looks like, so why the bloody hell don’t these clowns?

  10. I always thought one of the best things about the Ashes was the banter from
    both sets of fans. Judging these comments, I am sadly mistaken.

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